Billboard 7-Year Anniversary Party

Billboard celebrated its 7th anniversary on September 10 with a lavish party that transformed the venue into a scene of elegance and excitement. After months of extensive renovations, the club looked spectacular. The central area was exquisitely sectioned off, each high table draped in cloth, complete with ice buckets, glasses, and color-changing LED lights. The first 100 guests were treated to a commemorative anniversary glass, and the crowd enjoyed an abundance of pizza.


The event was not only a hit among the attendees but also marked a significant boost for all of Nana Plaza. As Billboard filled to capacity by 10 PM, the overflowing crowd spilled into neighboring bars, lifting spirits and profits throughout the plaza. This synergy among venues is a common theme in Nana Plaza, where the success of one spot often benefits others nearby.


Highlighting the evening was the inaugural Billboard Babe of the Year contest. The competition started with 100 women taking the stage in groups of ten. Judges, including staff and owners, whittled down the contestants to ten finalists. Audience members, alongside staff and other contestants, voted by cheering, with the noise reaching thunderous levels. The title went to contestant #93, Jiew, who won 25,000 baht and received a crown and sash. Ploy and Joy, longtime favorites, were runners-up, earning 10,000 and 5,000 baht, respectively.


The night was a vivid display of community and revelry, epitomizing the vibrant nightlife that Billboard and Nana Plaza are known for.