Billboard 8th Anniversary Party

The 8th Anniversary Party for what is generally regarded as Bangkok’s best gogo bar and punters flocked to the bar.


Billboard was two-thirds full 15 minutes after its 8 PM opening and it was standing room only by 9:00 PM. There was no water in the Jacuzzi and no showing as this was the night of the 2023 Billboard Babe of the Year pageant with ladies done out in their choice of hot pink lingerie, bras, bikinis and bustiers.


There were plenty of feathered headdresses, sequined make-up and pink fishnets as the ladies went all out to win the 40,000 baht in prize money up for grabs. The three-round contest began with a procession of all 100 Billboard Babes and the crowd voted on paper.


But the next two rounds were decided by shouting …. screaming, really. A decibel meter on the wall showed everyone who got the loudest screams. For reference, the music in Billboard is never over 100 dB. Shouts for the winner – #89 Dream – hit 124 dB.

She took home 25,000 baht and the crown. Runner-up was Ploy, #55, who also finished second last year. She won 10,000 baht. The second runner-up Ann, #224, won 5,000 baht.