New Hours Pump Up Party Vibe at Billboard

As anyone who has ever been to Nana Plaza knows, every night is a party at Billboard and Butterflies Bangkok. But as every party animal knows, it’s hard to keep it up seven days a week!

We really bang it on the weekends – Fridays and Saturdays – and, given the changes Bangkok and Thailand have seen during the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve realized good health, both physical and mental, is so important.

So, starting this November, we’re going to be taking Sunday and Monday to “recharge” the batteries so we can keep the volume turned up to 11 and create the best party vibe possible Tuesdays through Saturdays.

With the country’s borders still virtually closed, Bangkok’s party scene has changed. The foreign expats who live and work here can’t party every night and tend to focus their socializing on the end of the week and weekends. We want to make that experience the best for them.

Likewise, the pandemic and resulting recession has been hard on everyone. Guys retired here or with investments in Thai businesses have less cash to splash and only go where they can have the best experience.

Billboard and Butterflies wants to give you that. Working seven nights a week is hard. It’s hard to keep up the energy level and enthusiasm. It’s hard to maintain the same vibe every night. It’s why many of our dancers and hostesses take time off.

Rather than have the ladies working sporadically, disappointing some guys who come to see them, we’re setting Sundays and Mondays as days off and have the work a steady schedule.

By opening on Tuesdays through Saturdays, Billboard and Butterflies can keep it fresh. The days off will give the staff more time to recover from a crazy weekend and really pump up the volume every night.

It will make for a better experience for customers and boost the health and morale of the staff. Everybody wins.

This is not Billboard and Butterflies cutting back. Just the opposite, in fact. We’ll be using the extra off days to continue to upgrade our interiors, with some high-tech magic planned for Butterflies.

We also just vastly expanded our top-shelf liquor selection, adding dozens of new premium bottles and showcasing them on al-new lighted shelves on the wall behind each bar.

Both go-gos will soon be introducing new drink and bottle specials focused on Tuesdays through Thursdays, as well, so stay tuned!


Nana Plaza, Top Floor
3-1/1 Sukhumvit Soi 4
Watthana, Bangkok 10110


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